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Repetitive Harmonies and singing meet complex and modern Drum-Beats. Impulsive rhythmic passages lay the ground for the sometimes excessive guitar riffs and the powerful voice. Marea - refers in spanish less to the waves themselves than to the symbolic image of being carried by the tides.
Moments of absolute ecstasy, as well as sensual calm. That is exactly how their music behaves, it rises explosively, carried by the high tide, to collapse again in itself and come to new reflection with the low tide.
Marea Nucha tries to create new and peculiar sound patterns. In their songs, exclusively original compositions, you can hear influences of Latin rock, funk and jazz as well as elements of progressive rock.
The band, composed of five members, is specialized in conceptual live performances and is able to pull a diverse audience under the spell of their music.




Marea Nucha

+41 77 471 03 47

(Siro Müller, contact for bookings)

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